Redefining Valentine’s Day:

Celebrate the start of a Healthy Lifetime of Love Introduction: What is a Healthy Valentine’s Day and How will you celebrate it? Valentine’s Day, the traditional day of love, can also be the start of enduring good health. Show your love of yourself and your others by exploring these ideas outlines here. For couples whoContinue reading “Redefining Valentine’s Day:”

Water: flow and essence of life

Our bodies are mostly water so to stay healthy we must drink 3 or more litres a day. Many illnesses can be cured or prevented just by drinking water.

Radiation – a Health Risk in Putin’s War on Ukraine?

Putin’s aggressive attack on the Ukraine puts Europe at high risk of another radiation catastrophe. Ukraine has many nuclear power plants and damaging any one of them could release clouds of lethal radiation. In some ways the current assault is just yet another in centuries of assaults on the Ukraine and near-by countries. I’m aContinue reading “Radiation – a Health Risk in Putin’s War on Ukraine?”

Vitamin E deficiency, migraines & ‘Visual disturbances’

How I discovered I needed Vitamin E Gall bladder problems and Cholecystectomy Six months after I gave birth to my baby Alexia, I became very jaundiced. I had some pain under my right ribs and felt unwell after eating some meals, but it was when my stools turned white and my urine was almost black,Continue reading “Vitamin E deficiency, migraines & ‘Visual disturbances’”

Our genes and our diet

Vegetarian, omnivore, carnivore, pescatarian – what do our genes and anatomy tell us?

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