Parkinson’s Disease and the Modern World: Uncovering the Chemical Causes

Parkinson’s Disease is becoming more prevalent. The incidence of Parkinson’s disease is increasing globally. PD is more prevalent in males than females and some racial groups are at higher risks than others. For example, studies in the United States have found that the prevalence of Parkinson’s disease is higher among ‘White’ populations than among AfricanContinue reading “Parkinson’s Disease and the Modern World: Uncovering the Chemical Causes”

Your New Year’s Resolution: NO SHOES INDOORS

THIS ARTICLE IS REPRINTED (WITH PERMISSION) FROM ‘THE CONVERSATION’ (MARCH, 16, 2022) – BUT JUST IN CASE YOU MISSED IT! Wearing shoes in the house is just plain gross. The verdict from scientists who study indoor contaminants Mark Patrick Taylor, Macquarie University and Gabriel Filippelli, IUPUI You probably clean your shoes if you step in somethingContinue reading “Your New Year’s Resolution: NO SHOES INDOORS”

Environmental chemicals, mental health & dementia

Chemicals and Mental Health Early life exposure to heavy metals and ‘environmental chemicals’ may not only reduce IQ but also cause schizophrenia and other mental illnesses. It is now recognised that these also cause Alzheimer’s disease. Psychological studies have suggested that cognitive decline may well have been cast at the dawn of the industrial age!Continue reading “Environmental chemicals, mental health & dementia”

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