Your New Year’s Resolution: NO SHOES INDOORS

THIS ARTICLE IS REPRINTED (WITH PERMISSION) FROM ‘THE CONVERSATION’ (MARCH, 16, 2022) – BUT JUST IN CASE YOU MISSED IT! Wearing shoes in the house is just plain gross. The verdict from scientists who study indoor contaminants Mark Patrick Taylor, Macquarie University and Gabriel Filippelli, IUPUI You probably clean your shoes if you step in somethingContinue reading “Your New Year’s Resolution: NO SHOES INDOORS”

Water: flow and essence of life

Our bodies are mostly water so to stay healthy we must drink 3 or more litres a day. Many illnesses can be cured or prevented just by drinking water.

Chew your way to good health

Did you know that your teeth can easily undermine ALL your other efforts to be healthy? Good dental health is critical at all stages of your life and will promote healthy ageing and well-being. There are several reasons for having great dental health but this could be the most important! Because your teeth are theContinue reading “Chew your way to good health”

Seven reasons why the world still hasn’t beaten COVID-19

1. Human factor 1: Vaccines have been given as a priority in wealthy countries when spread is likely to be greatest amongst the poor It is well recognized that the world does not treat its inhabitants equally. There are of course many different factors underlying this including wars and corruption not to mention uncontrollable factorsContinue reading “Seven reasons why the world still hasn’t beaten COVID-19”