My passion is to understand how our GENES and LIFESTYLE interact in whole of life health and longevity. I write books and blogs to help you optimise your lifestyle and I have developed several online courses that you can access on this website.

I also love to give live presentations, so please contact me if you would like me to speak to your organisation.

If you are conducting a legal case where you need an Expert in either Genetics or Chemical Toxicity, please contact me to discuss whether I am able to help you.

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Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Dr Judy Ford.

Many health practitioners specialise in either ‘lifestyle’ OR ‘genetics’ but very few consider both genes and lifestyle and how these interact to affect health. This is why my work is different. I have a PhD in Genetics but after working in Human Genetics for many years, I soon realised that it was critical to understand how genes and lifestyle interact to affect health.

However, in addition to understanding how our genes and lifestyle affect our health, we also need to appreciate how these are influenced by our age.

Our diets and lifestyle need to adapt as we age. As we move through the stages of childhood, fertility and reproduction to ‘post-fertility’ and ‘old age’, our bodies have some different needs. We need to understand these changes: the steps we should take to optimise our health differ at different ages and between males and females.

At all ages, we need to work with our ‘current biology’ and when we do this, we can greatly improve our vitality, resilience, and resistance to most common health problems.

My specific expertise is in CELL DIVISION

You might not have heard anyone else discuss cell division but this is the critical factor underlying almost all aspects of health and very few practitioners know much about it! You will find, however, that I refer to it quite extensively in my books and talks because problems in cell division underlie AGEING, CANCER and INFERTILITY/MISCARRIAGE.

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