Parkinson’s Disease and the Modern World: Uncovering the Chemical Causes

Parkinson’s Disease is becoming more prevalent. The incidence of Parkinson’s disease is increasing globally. PD is more prevalent in males than females and some racial groups are at higher risks than others. For example, studies in the United States have found that the prevalence of Parkinson’s disease is higher among ‘White’ populations than among AfricanContinue reading “Parkinson’s Disease and the Modern World: Uncovering the Chemical Causes”

Redefining Valentine’s Day:

Celebrate the start of a Healthy Lifetime of Love Introduction: What is a Healthy Valentine’s Day and How will you celebrate it? Valentine’s Day, the traditional day of love, can also be the start of enduring good health. Show your love of yourself and your others by exploring these ideas outlines here. For couples whoContinue reading “Redefining Valentine’s Day:”

The Importance of Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) in Human Health: A Supplement steeped in Controversy

The seeds of Evening Primrose (left) and Borage (right) are rich sources of GLA and have been used by indigenous people for many centuries. What is GLA and why is it controversial? Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA) is an omega-6 fatty acid that is found naturally in certain plants and foods. It has a wide range ofContinue reading “The Importance of Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) in Human Health: A Supplement steeped in Controversy”

Your New Year’s Resolution: NO SHOES INDOORS

THIS ARTICLE IS REPRINTED (WITH PERMISSION) FROM ‘THE CONVERSATION’ (MARCH, 16, 2022) – BUT JUST IN CASE YOU MISSED IT! Wearing shoes in the house is just plain gross. The verdict from scientists who study indoor contaminants Mark Patrick Taylor, Macquarie University and Gabriel Filippelli, IUPUI You probably clean your shoes if you step in somethingContinue reading “Your New Year’s Resolution: NO SHOES INDOORS”

The Goldilocks concept of trace elements, healthy aging and dementia

Trace elements may hold the secret to longevity and prevention of Alzheimer’s. Selenium is critical and too much copper is toxic.

Environmental chemicals, mental health & dementia

Chemicals and Mental Health Early life exposure to heavy metals and ‘environmental chemicals’ may not only reduce IQ but also cause schizophrenia and other mental illnesses. It is now recognised that these also cause Alzheimer’s disease. Psychological studies have suggested that cognitive decline may well have been cast at the dawn of the industrial age!Continue reading “Environmental chemicals, mental health & dementia”

Magnesium-Critical roles in all body organs

Magnesium supplementation can cure many ‘illnesses’ but you may need to supplement every day. From your muscles to your brain, magnesium can improve your health and vitality. Adequate intake of Magnesium is critical to good health and can cure many ‘illnesses’. On the other hand, inadequate intake of Magnesium can lead to problems of theContinue reading “Magnesium-Critical roles in all body organs”

Cod liver oil for COVID prevention?  – an old remedy revisited

Is Vitamin A deficiency one of the reasons why many people suffer serious complications from Covid infection? Could Cod liver oil supplementation prevent Covid or its complications? Cod Liver Oil is a health remedy that is many centuries old. Should we all be taking it again? Ask any older person who grew up in theContinue reading “Cod liver oil for COVID prevention?  – an old remedy revisited”

Water: flow and essence of life

Our bodies are mostly water so to stay healthy we must drink 3 or more litres a day. Many illnesses can be cured or prevented just by drinking water.

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