The Biology of Ageing Course

This ‘Biology of Ageing’ online course is designed for health professionals and anyone else who wishes to understand how and why cells inevitably age, the consequences of this ageing and how the negative effects, especially inflammation can be reduced.

Although complex, most aspects of the biology of ageing have been outlined and current research is expanding on the details. This online course includes five sessions that you can work through at your own pace, plus online Zoom Discussion groups and access to a private Facebook group.

You can check my publications to see my competence to present this course.

  • Watch the Introductory Video and check-out the course contents below. The total cost of the course is $140 including individual feedback on your answers to the quiz questions and invitations to Zoom Discussion groups.

1. The evolution & structure of cells of higher organisms

  • Video – Cells of higher organisms (6.45 minutes)
  • 4 pdf articles to download and read
  • A QUIZ – Cell structure and function

2. Cell division and the telomere limit

  • Video – Cell division and telomeres (12.26 minutes)
  • 7 pdf articles to download and read
  • A QUIZ – Telomeres and telomerase

3. Cell division and mid-life ageing

  • Video – Changes in cell division in mid-life (7.41 minutes)
  • 5 pdf articles to download and read
  • Cell Division Questionnaire

4. Telomere limit, senescence & fatty acid metabolism

  • Video – Cell senescence and fatty acid metabolism (14.13 minutes)
  • 6 pdf articles to download
  • Five questions to answer about senescent cells, fatty acids and ageing.

5. Olive Oil, Trace Elements and Longevity

  • Video – Olive oil, trace elements and health ageing (14.05 minutes)
  • Video – The health benefits of Olive Oil (9.29 minutes)
  • 11 pdf articles
  • Australian Food Online and Excel Nutrient Database

Click on Biology of Ageing link below to join the course: