Biology of Ageing – Online Course


This course was initially designed for ‘health professionals’ for whom an understanding of the biology of ageing is helpful and sometimes critical. However, it is suitable for all intelligent people who wish to understand the science of aging.

We often hear promotions about longevity and predictions of very extended lifespans. I believe this is unlikely as we start as one fertilised egg that divides and as it divides produces cells that segregate into numerous specialised cells, tissues and organs. The number of cell divisions is defined by the length of the telomeres (at the end of each chromosome). This length is depleted every time a cell divides. At the ‘telomere limit’, a cell stops dividing and either becomes senescent (and inflammatory) or it can undergo apoptosis (self destruction).

The biology of ageing is a subject that is still being actively researched so knowledge is gradually evolving and (sometimes) concepts may change. Dr Judy Ford, the author of this course, has actively contributed to this field and it is very likely that many of the concepts presented here will be completely new to the audience. All the information presented in the course has been subjected to peer-review and published in highly reputable journals.




Excessive cell division causes age-related inflammation and this is the hallmark of aging. Inevitably, we must all show negative signs of aging as we gradually run out of dividing cells but there are some actions we can take to reduce the rate of cell division in our various organs and tissues. There are also ways we can dampen down inflammation through our choices of foods – especially oleic acid in olive and sesame oils.

This course includes five sessions (as outlined in the introductory video and overview page), each with at least one video, several directly relevant articles to read (most are published in the medical literature) plus a quiz. You are also most welcome to ask any questions and these will usually be answered within 24 hours.

Once you checkout you will receive a link to a page (and a password) from which you can access each of the course sessions as often as you like. You will find many downloadable files as well as the online videos. We suggest that you bookmark this private page.


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