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1000 couples participated in our study of natural fertility

Fertility issues can often be overcome by changes in lifestyle. I only offer advice that is based on published research (much of it, our own) and my extensive experience from working with couples. Read about the ‘PALS’ Pregnancy & Lifestyle Study (below).

I offer books, e-books and online consultations.

Find and eliminate all the lifestyle and sexual issues that are reducing your fertility.
Read my latest book Making Love & Babies

I wrote Making Love & Babies as a result of talking to many couples (in person and online) who were having difficulties conceiving and yet, did not have an obvious medical problem. Some of these couples had tried IVF and still not succeeded and others had used IVF but probably didn’t need to. Making Love & Babies was published on 1st June, 2022.

Discover the changes in lifestyle you need to make to optimise your fertility and improve your general health. Not all couples will have a pregnancy as a result of reading this book but all those who follow my guidance will be happier and healthier and their relationships will become more loving and more fun! I have given the link to my page at Amazon where you can buy either a hard copy or an e-book. Please leave a review on Amazon if you find the book helpful!

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Build the love in your relationship and overcome ‘lifestyle’ issues.

There are so many little things that can add up to cause infertility. Some infertility problems need medical treatment but a large proportion don’t. Even if you do need to have IVF or some other treatment, you will have far more success if you eliminate all the other issues first.

You can make an online (Zoom) appointment by contacting me (Dr Judy) on the contact page. Before our meeting, I will probably ask you to complete a lifestyle questionnaire so that you can share your answers at (or before) our meeting.

Photo of Dr Judy and some PALS babies at the ‘PALS picnic’, held to celebrate the project. Photo is from the front page of the Adelaide (South Australia) newspaper ‘The Advertiser’, reprinted with permission.

Dr Judy Ford’s ‘PALS’ Pregnancy & Lifestyle Study

In the late 1990’s, when IVF wasn’t so common, 1,000 South Australian couples generously volunteered to participate in a research project on ‘lifestyle’ and ‘fertility’. The study and its results, are published in the medical literature and outlined in more detail in my book, IT Takes Two – Reproducing Naturally Today also available through Amazon.

The study was conducted over a five year period. Couples joined the project and the males and females independently answered an extensive questionaire before they started trying to conceive. Each couple’s progress was then monitored, and various tests were undertaken until they either gave birth to their baby or suffered a miscarriage or 9 months infertility.

In the study, we confirmed that many aspects of lifestyle affected fertility and that age itself is a major cause of both male and female infertility. Nevertheless, while we were able to identify most of the causes of miscarriage and some factors associated with infertility, some infertility remained a puzzle.

In the years following the publication of our studies and the huge international publicity surrounding it, many infertile couples contacted me for help. I soon learnt that infertility was often caused by one or more of a range of problems relating to busy lifestyles, poor diets, irregular, infrequent or ‘ineffective’ sex, male occupations that reduced fertility and a range of ‘modern issues’. A relatively high proportion of men who now visit IVF clinics have problems obtaining or maintaining an erection and in general, many couples visiting IVF are no longer enjoying regular, exciting sex.

Hello Dr. Ford!

I doubt you remember me, but you helped me resolve the issue of recurrent miscarriages several years ago. I’m forever thankful for the knowledge you shared with me regarding DHEA. I was able to pass that information along to a friend who had the same issue. I’m happy to announce it worked for her as well. 

The reason I contact you today is yet for another dear friend……………

Chrissy H. May, 2022

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