WHY WE AGE: Solving the Puzzle of Aging


Why We Age was written to explain the biology of ageing in as concise a way as possible. World data give insight into why some populations fare better or worse than others. The final section leaves the reader with positive advice.


This book was first published in early 2019 but has mostly only been available to people who attended Dr Ford’s live presentations on this topic. The book is written in three parts: A: The Biology of Ageing, B: International Data – A Cautionary Tale and C: Lifestyle – Actions We can take to reduce ageing and negative age-related outcomes.

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  1. Dr Judy

    “I really enjoyed reading “Why We Age – Solving the Puzzle of Aging” by Dr Judy Ford. Even though I do not have a background in Science, the unfamiliar terms in Section 1 were so clearly and promptly explained in the text that I felt confident to continue reading and understand the solution to the puzzle. The insights promised in Part B possibly causing various disease across the world were thought provoking and the recommendations in Part C can be trusted.

    In this book, Dr Judy Ford encourages us all to be more positive and proactive in caring for our own aging bodies and minds. Judy’s advice clearly comes from her sound empirical evidence and respected research, her personal life experience, keen sense of humour and a refreshing “good old dose of common sense”.

    Mary May (May, 2019)

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