Healthy ageing: how to age well home

Watch this video introduction to the course & see the course contents below

Session 1: The health facts and where to start

  • Video: Health facts about reaching ‘middle age’
  • 4 pdf articles of related content
  • Quiz: Do you really understand your risks?

Session 2: The ‘science’ of aging

  • Video: The Science of Aging
  • 3 pdf articles of related content
  • Quiz: Science of Aging

Session 3: What we can learn from World Data

  • Video: Health facts and World Data
  • 7 pdf articles including information about drugs, food, radon, bisphenol and new chemicals and ‘modern’ metabolism disrupting chemicals
  • Quiz: Learning from World Data

Session 4: Essential messages for a longer healthier life

  • Video: Take home messages for a longer, healthier life
  • 3 pdf articles inclduing one about the protective and damaging effects of stress
  • Video: The amazing benefits of Vitamin D
  • Quiz: Do you understand the essential health messages?

Let’s make life healthier and easier!

” I have just finished your new course and I think it’s excellent. It is really relevant given how easily modern lifestyles can get out of balance. I think you have done a great job breaking down the biological theories of ageing for the average non-scientific person like myself.

I love the length of each video, the slides and images and your explanations all make this very user-friendly and an enjoyable learning experience.”

Julia McElhinny, Intl. School of Management, Sydney

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