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Why We Age – Why and how Telomere shortening cause inflammation and age-related illnesses

I wrote Why We Age in 2019 after I retired from the University of South Australia in order to explain the biology of ageing. (My PhD is in Genetics and Cell Biology). You may have heard that ageing is caused by telomere shortening and inflammation. My own research has contributed to this field but to my knowledge this is the first time anyone has tried to explain why the cell division that is necessary to stay alive inevitably leads to many age-related diseases and finally death. All the content of the book is based on the scientific literature including my own published research plus data from world health organisations. You will find that there are several easy actions you can take to reduce inflammation and its negative effects.

Anyone with a Science or Medical background will find that this book fills many gaps in their knowledge. People who have no education in Science, might find a few of the early chapters challenging. Nevertheless, these readers all find the whole book readable and enjoyable and it’s possible to skip the few ‘difficult chapters’.

The inevitability of ageing sounds extremely depressing but Why We Age is actually quite a positive book that includes many simple (but proven) ideas for minimising the negative aspects of ageing and optimising health. Obtain your personal copy here.


If you really wish to improve your health and minimise ageing, you need to take positive action!

After selling my book at many of my talks, I realised that many people who had read the book were still not making many changes in their lives. So I thought I would make it easier by creating a workbook in which the reader is guided not only to make changes but to record their progress! This has proven very popular and its well worthwhile reading the book and actively using the workbook.

The workbook also contains some updated information, which I wish I’d put into Why We Age. You can obtain your personal copy here.

If you don’t live in Australia, or you use a Kindle, you might find it more convenient to purchase your book(s) from Amazon.

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