5. Olive Oil, Trace Elements & Longevity

Video: Olive oil, trace elements & healthy ageing (14.05 minutes)

Oleic acid (in olive oil & sesame oil) plays a key role in healthy ageing
  • Video: The Health benefits of Olive Oil
  • Published article: Are we getting enough sulfur in our diet (12 pages)
  • Abstract of published article: Centenarians and trace elements (1 page)
  • Glutathiones (published editorial) – 5 pages
  • Published article: Mortality rates from cancer and Super Oxide Dismutase activity (8 pages)
  • Published Review Article – MSM: Applications and Safety (21 pages)
  • Published article: Glutathione – Overview of its protective role (20 pages)
  • Published article – Oleic acid & brain function in Japanese (10 pages)
  • Published article – Oleic acid and reduction in blood pressure (6 pages)
  • Published article – Role of Selenium in Human Health (7 pages)
  • Published article – Understanding how much Selenium is beneficial (6 pages)
  • Published article – Importance of glutathione in human health (25 pages)
  • HEALTHY AGING – WHAT ADVICE WILL YOU GIVE YOURSELF AND OTHERS? – Answer these questions for yourself and keep a copy onhand! If you would like feedback, please send your list by email to receive personal feedback.
  1. Other than Olive Oil, which other oils may benefit healthy aging in the same way?
  2. Which foods are the best sources of dietary sulfur?
  3. Which foods are good sources of Selenium, Manganese and Zinc? Can any or all of these carry risks if consumed to excess?
  4. Copper is an essential trace element yet centenarians have lower levels of Copper than recommended! Discuss the possible risks of excess copper intake.
  5. Why are trace elements so important in aging? Please suggest two different reasons.
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