3. We can learn from world data

In this video, I consider the relative rates of deaths from different illnesses in the world. Whilst this gives a great deal of insight, looking at the data itself (see link below) and checking the countries with the lowest rates of illnesses can be even more informative.

Insight from World Data
  • Published article 2017: Review of cardiovascular toxicity of drugs and related agents (72 pages)
  • Published article: Dietary GI of Foods and Diabetes Risk (51 pages)
  • RADON – Are you at risk? – one page summary
  • Abstracts to 2 published articles: Estrogen in sports supplements and beers
  • Published article: Metabolism-disrupting chemicals (74 pages)
  • Published article: Bisphenol and “NEXTGEN” Bisphenols (13 pages)
  • QUIZ
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