3. Cell division and mid-life ageing

Watch the video: Changes in cell division in ‘mid-life’ (7 minutes 41 seconds)

Learn how changes in cellular energy affect cell division in early ‘middle age’

Publications and papers to read (or as before – please make sure you read the Abstracts and study all the Figures and Tables)

Published manuscipt: Protraction of anaphase B with aging by Ford JH (2013) – 8 pages!

Published manuscript: Alterations in mitosis & cell cycle by mutant gene that may accelerate aging (6 pages)

Published manuscript: FoxMi repression during aging & mitotic decline (7 pages)

Article: Physiology – Acid/Base Balance

Published manuscript: CDK1 is spindle assembly checkpoints

Questions for you to answer (please submit your answers as an email attachment):

  1. Anaphase B is the stage of cell division that first shows changes with age. Why is this so and what is its significance?
  2. Can you suggest any aspects of daily life that might affect the fidelity of cell division?
  3. Can you suggest any common metabolic disorders that might affect cell division? Please name at least two and explain how they might affect mitosis.
  4. Why is accurate cell division so important? Please give as many reasons as you can.
  5. Using examples from your own work/profession, what advice would you give your clients/patients to help them optimise cell division?
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