2. Cell Division & the Telomere Limit

As for Session 1, please start by watching the Video. Next read the Papers (or at least read each of the Abstracts and examine all the Tables and Figures in each Paper) then try the Quiz!

Video: Cell division and telomeres (12.26 minutes)

Cells seen down my own labortory’s microscope showing human lymphocytes in different stages of division.

Articles to read

  • Published article: Telomeres and Aging (23 pages)
  • Published article: Short telomeres initiate local and systemic aging (31 pages)
  • Published article: Oxidative DNA damage & telomere length (23 pages)
  • Published article: Role of telomeres and telomerase in Aging and Cancer (11 pages)
  • Published article: Telomere length determinants in childhood (16 pages)
  • Published article: Sleep and telomere length in children (13 pages)
  • Published article: Review of factors affecting telomere length (31 pages)

QUIZ: Telomeres and Telomerase

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